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Belt and Road meets Three Seas

On June 17th at 3 pm (UTC+2) Polish Economic Institute will discuss the report “Belt and Road meets Three Seas. Chinese and American sticky power in the context of Polish security and other strategic interests” during a special video conference.

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Time to Tax

Piotr Arak, “Visegrad Insight”: Taxing may be the most important outcome of the COVID-19 crisis. More protectionism, new value chains, quantitative easing and new taxes through the EU could be the new normal of 2020.

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Covid-19: A Justinian perturbation for the West

Piotr Arak, “Emerging Europe”: The coronavirus has reshaped how we think about the economy and society. The governments of most countries have had to put their economies into hibernation to protect people from a disease: something which we have not encountered before.

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