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The New Normal

Piotr Arak, “Visegrad Insight”: For the European Union to talk about twenty-first-century geopolitics is like for Yo-Yo Ma to perform Rammstein songs – it seems very strange. Like America we probably need to change our approach and play a different tune.

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Polish economy surfs the tide of crisis

Piotr Arak, “The Brussels Times”: New Eurostat data for the second quarter of 2020 shows that Poland is among the top three countries in terms of the mildness of the recession. Polish GDP declined by 7.9%; only Lithuania and Finland (where GDP decreased by 3.7% and 5.2% respectively) performed better.

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The CIT gap in Poland in 2014-2018

Polish Economic Institute would like to invite you to the online conference during which the future of European taxation is to be discussed. This online discussion will take place on 8th July 2020 at 11:00.

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Belt and Road meets Three Seas

On June 17th at 3 pm (UTC+2) Polish Economic Institute will discuss the report “Belt and Road meets Three Seas. Chinese and American sticky power in the context of Polish security and other strategic interests” during a special video conference.

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Time to Tax

Piotr Arak, “Visegrad Insight”: Taxing may be the most important outcome of the COVID-19 crisis. More protectionism, new value chains, quantitative easing and new taxes through the EU could be the new normal of 2020.

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