How Central Europe can help the US face China

Piotr Arak, “The Brussels Times”: Whereas COVID19 occupies our minds today, it does not make other national security threats less important in the long run. Besides climate change, a vital threat to the American way of life is the rising power of China.

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The Troika changes its mind

Jakub Sawulski, “Obserwator Finansowy”: International Monetary Fund calls to increase public investment to boost the recovery. The European Commission, World Bank and OECD representatives are saying the same. There is a change in the opinions of Troika and other institutions.


30 years after Covid will the EU still exist?

Piotr Arak, “The Brussels Times”: A question I ask myself more and more is would I like to live in the future or the past? Typically as an economist I would like to see the future but more often I would choose the past which I know more of.


Closer VAT cooperation is needed at EU level

Piotr Arak, “Emerging Europe”: The coronavirus pandemic has brought a new era of assertive and expansive government. Countries have increased their deficit and debt levels, which pose threats to medium and long-term development.

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The New Normal

Piotr Arak, “Visegrad Insight”: For the European Union to talk about twenty-first-century geopolitics is like for Yo-Yo Ma to perform Rammstein songs – it seems very strange. Like America we probably need to change our approach and play a different tune.

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