The CIT gap in Poland in 2014-2018

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Polish Economic Institute would like to invite you to the online conference during which the future of European taxation is to be discussed. This online discussion will take place on 8th July 2020 at 11:00.

The main purpose of the event is to discuss the future of taxation in the European Union. We are especially interested in identifying the potential new sources of money which could be allocated on new investments at the EU level as well as on enabling the sustainable growth in the post-pandemic Europe. There are several proposals worth-mentioning in this regard. Some of them are covered in the article “Time to tax” written by Piotr Arak, director of Polish Economic Institute:

During the conference, we will present the report “The CIT gap in Poland in 2014-2018” and see how effectively the Polish system of collecting the CIT tax works. Then we will have the brief discussion with Tadeusz Kościński, Polish finance minister, who would comment on the conclusions of the report as well as share his vision about the European tax system and how it should be reconstructed.

The following experts will share their opinions on the topic with us:

  • Alex Cobham – Chief Executive, Tax Justice Network;
  • Zsolt Darvas – Senior Fellow, Bruegel.

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