The list presented below includes our experts who lead analytical teams of the Polish Economic Institute and share their expertise with the media in the following specialisations:

Marek Wąsiński

World economy team

Team Leader: Marek Wąsiński

  • the situation and prices in global commodity markets and their influence on the Polish economy;
  • Polish exporters and export-oriented policy;
  • foreign-owned companies in Poland’s economy and foreign trade.
Katarzyna Dębkowska

Economic foresight team

Team Leader: Katarzyna Dębkowska

  • economic foresight research methods;
  • academic nature and orientation of Polish cities;
  • international cooperation of Polish enterprises in R&D;
  • business model evaluation methods.
Jakub Rybacki

Macroeconomics team

Team Leader:  Jakub Rybacki

  • macroeconomics;
  • public finance;
  • tax policy;
  • social policy;
  • pension scheme.
Magdalena Maj

Energy and climate team

Team Leader: Magdalena Maj

  • energy transition;
  • just transition, structural change in coal regions;
  • hydrogen economy;
  • conventional and alternative fuel markets;
  • electricity market;
  • energy poverty.
Paweł Śliwowski

Strategy team

Team Leader: Paweł Śliwowski

  • economic policy, development policy;
  • cohesion policy, European funds;
  • behavioural economics in public policy;
  • design and evaluation of public interventions;
  • local and regional development, development strategies;
  • health economics, health policy;
  • social policy, social research.
Ignacy Święcicki

Digital economy team

Team Leader: Ignacy Święcicki

  • 5G;
  • telecommunications;
  • digital economy;
  • Digital Single Market;
  • international roaming.
Agnieszka Wincewicz-Price

Behavioural economics team

Team Leader: Agnieszka Wincewicz-Price

  • behavioural tools in policy making and business;
  • rational choice and preference development;
  • heterodox economics.