Polish Economic Institute presents “Hansa 2.0” report

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Polish Economic Institute has presented the latest report, „Hansa 2.0”, about the New Hanseatic League.

The “Hansa 2.0. A return to the Golden Age of trade?” report was launched at a press conference on 7 February 2019 attended by the Polish Economic Institute’s director, Piotr Arak. It was accompanied by a panel discussion with the following speakers:

  • Danish Ambassador Ole Egberg Mikkelsen
  • Dutch Ambassador Ron J.P.M. van Dartel
  • Swedish Ambassador Stefan Gullgren
  • Estonian Ambassador Martin Roger

The discussion was introduced by Grzegorz Lewicki, a fellow of the Polish Economic Institute. It was moderated by Michał Kamiński of 300Gospodarka.pl.

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