Piotr Arak

Director of the Polish Economic Institute. A social and economic analyst, he previously worked at Deloitte, Polityka Insight think-tank, the United Nations Development Programme, the Ministry of Administration and Digitisation, and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. He graduated in social policy from the University of Warsaw, followed by further studies on using statistical methods in business and an MBA at the Warsaw School of Economics and Université du Québec à Montréal. He has written numerous studies on economic policy, digitisation and health economics. His last book is “Pandenomics. Did the coronavirus end the neoliberal era?” (in Polish).

Agnieszka Beńko

Deputy Director of the Polish Economic Institute. She has many years’ experience managing finances in both the private and the public sector. She has worked at the Centre for the Development of Human Resources in Warsaw, which is a unit of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Voivodship Pharmaceutical Inspectorate, the Education Centre for Art School Teachers in Warsaw, which is a unit of the Ministry of Culture, and the National Labour Centre, among other places. She studied economics at Koszalin University of Technology. In 2010, she qualified as a chief accountant, as regulated by the Association of Accountants in Poland based on international educational standards established by IFAC.


Andrzej Kubisiak

Deputy Director of the Polish Economic Institute, former head of the communications team and an expert on the labour market. He gained experience in PR in the banking and communications sector. From 2015, he worked at Work Service Capital Group, where he oversaw external communications and prepared cyclical market reports on migration and key trends on the labour market. In 2018, he joined the Labour Market Council linked to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy. He studied at the University of Warsaw’s Institute of Sociology.

Heads of unit

Ewa Balicka

Ewa Balicka

Head of the communications team. She has more than 15 years of professional experience in communication, acquired in both public institutions (BGK, PFRON) and private undertakings (Asseco Poland, MSL Group – a public relations consulting company). At MSL Group, she implemented various communication projects for financial, legal and pharmaceutical firms. She graduated from the University of Warsaw, the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, and completed post-graduate studies in banking at the Warsaw School of Economics.


Katarzyna Dębkowska

Head of the economic foresight team. She has many years’ experience leading and conducting social and economic foresight research, specialising in the use of multidimensional statistical methods. She has published studies on business models, bankruptcy, and economic and technological foresight. She studied mathematics at the University of Warsaw and holds a PhD in economics.


Magdalena Maj

Head of the energy and climate team. Employed at the PEI since May 2019. She acquired professional experience working for a technology start-up in the Netherlands, an energy utility company in the Czech Republic and consultancies in Poland. Her main research interests comprise energy technology and energy mix, with a focus on hydrogen energy. She holds an Energy Engineer’s degree from the Warsaw University of Technology and a Master’s degree in engineering and management from the Silesian University of Technology and Lisbon Instituto Superior Técnico.


Jakub Sawulski

Head of the macroeconomics team. The holder of a PhD in economics, a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics. Previously associated with the Poznań University of Economics. His professional experience includes working for Deloitte Polska, the Institute of Structural Research and the Chancellery of the Sejm. He specialises in public finance, energy and innovation policies. The author of scientific publications on the above subjects and of various popular science articles on the Polish and world economies.


Paweł Śliwowski

Head of the strategy team. Specialised in analyses and studies for the purposes of designing, implementing and evaluating public policies. Previously associated with the Centre for European Regional and Local Studies of the University of Warsaw and with EGO s.c. He has participated in several dozen research, evaluation and training projects, e.g. for the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and other public institutions.


Ignacy Święcicki

Head of the digital economy team. He previously worked at the Ministry of Digitisation, where he worked on EU regulations on telecommunications, including relations between OTT providers and operators, and international roaming. He also helped prepare regulatory impact assessments of new legal acts and guidelines for carrying out impact assessments in the government legislative process. He gained experience as an analyst at the demosEUROPA – Centre for European Strategy think-tank. He studied economics at the University of Warsaw.


Marek Wąsiński

Head of the foreign trade team. He has many years’ experience in analytical and research work, e.g. for the Polish Institute of International Affairs or Polityka Insight think-tank. The author and co-author of various publications on the EU’s commercial policy, negotiations of international agreements, the US–China trade dispute and climate policy. A graduate from the Warsaw School of Economics, the University of Warsaw and a Fulbright fellow at the Johns Hopkins University.


Małgorzata Wieteska

Head of the publishing team. An experienced editor of academic publications and manager of publishing departments, she has worked at Perspektywy publishing house, the University of Insurance and Banking in Warsaw, Vistula University, and the Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycle Research. She studied sociology at the University of Warsaw.


Agnieszka Wincewicz-Price

Head of the behavioural economics team. She studied at Warsaw School of Economics, Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam (EIPE) and Newcastle University. Her focus is philosophy, methodology and the history of economics. She researches the shaping and variability of preferences, rational choice theory and the philosophy of economic activity, including selected aspects of behavioural economics and their practical application in public policy. She edits the economics section of the journal Politics&Poetics.

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