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22 September 2018 was the date of entry into force of the Polish Economic Institute Act dissolving the Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycle Research – National Research Institute and establishing the Polish Economic Institute. The Institute provides analysis and expertise for the implementation of the Strategy for Responsible Development and helps popularise Polish economic and social research in the country and abroad.

The scientific achievements of the Polish Economic Institute should be seen as public goods. Everyone is allowed to cite and disseminate our research and studies without prior consent. All we ask is to indicate full source details and the authors of the publication.


Global Research Consortium on Economic Structural Transformation – with 35 members from all over the world, the GReCEST promotes intellectual partnership and fosters innovative thinking aimed to assist developing countries in economic structural transformation.

Association of European Conjuncture Institutes – AIECE supports the exchange of information and the literature on international economic developments, particularly in Europe. It was established in 1957 at the initiative of 3 institutes: the German DIW, the Belgian IRES and the French INSEE.


Address: Al. Jerozolimskie 87 st. 02-001 Warszawa tel.: 22 628-55-85 email: sekretariat@pie.net.pl

Media contacy: Ewa Balicka-Sawiak Head of communications team tel: +48 727 427 918 email: ewa.balicka@pie.net.pl

Events: Iwona Szumska | Chief communication specialist tel: +48 500 770 308 email: iwona.szumska@pie.net.pl

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