• The year 2022 was dominated by the Russian invasion on Ukraine and the rising inflation after the outbreak of the energy crisis. Since then inflation persists in the countries that the price spillovers originated from. The inflation of sticky prices increased more slowly than that of more flexible ones right after the energy crisis. This distorts the relative prices and probably requires another wave of adjustments in the stickiest categories. Polish Economic Institute in the report “The false start of disinflation – evidence from the major European economies” analyses the international risks related to inflation after the outbreak of the energy crisis in 2022.

    Combating inflation will be a long-process
  • Krzysztof Marczewski, Jakub Rybacki, Jakub Sawulski, “EU Observer”: Ireland is the only EU member state which avoided recession in 2020. A miracle? No – Ireland is European Union’s tax haven.

    Why you shouldn’t trust Ireland’s economic statistics