Culture of Economic Expertise

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Culture of Economic Expertise. International Workshop. Warsaw, 25 January 2019

On behalf of the Polish Economic Institute in Warsaw (Poland), the Department of Metaeconomics will organize a workshop on “Culture of Economic Expertise.” The workshop will conclude a series of interdisciplinary seminars discussing various perspectives on expertise and expert performance, including economics, knowledge management, philosophy, sociology and psychology. The organizers invite academics who investigate the practice of economic expertise, non-academic professionals reflectively practising their own economic expertise activities, and non-academic clients who systematically support their decisions with economic expert assistance to take part in the workshop.

The practice of the economics profession can be investigated in terms of two autonomous cultures of knowledge production, communication and utilization – the scientific culture and the expertise culture. Whereas the former has traditionally been at the centre of philosophical attention, the latter is still theoretically underdeveloped. The workshop is intended to fill this gap and, instead of focusing on “economist as impartial scientist”, will concentrate on the “economist as independent expert” (“public intellectual”, “preacher”, “therapist”, “policy advisor”, “engineer”, “designer”, “plumber”). Practices which fall within the domain of economic expertise include consulting, auditing, business analytics, forecasting, policy advising or R&D.

Confirmed keynotes:

  • Prof. Marcel Boumans (Utrecht University School of Economics)
  • Prof. Steve Fuller (University of Warwick)
  • Prof. María Jiménez-Buedo (UNED Madrid)

Call for papers:

  • Full name
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Paper title
  • An abstract of up to 300 words

Submissions should be sent to: with the subject line: ‘Culture of Economic Expertise’.
Closing date for abstract submissions: December 1, 2018
Notification of acceptance: December 15, 2018

Topics for consideration:

The questions which may be addressed during the workshop by academic scholars, non-academic professionals and non-academic users of expertise include the following:

  • do we need a separate methodology of economic expertise?
  • what is the nature of economic expertise (e.g. expert judgement, expert opinion, expert recommendation, expertise mechanism)?
  • what are the types of economic expertise (e.g. interactional expertise, contributory expertise, autonomous expertise, attributed expertise)?
  • what are the major problems in economic expertise (e.g. expert overconfidence, expert dependence, expert disagreement, expert conflict of interest)?
  • what are the modes and impact channels of economic experts and expertise on economic policy, business and social life (e.g. transferring explicit scientific knowledge, practising the implicit technical rules, rent-seeking, networking)?
  • do we need a separate economic expert ethics?

Organizers: Department of Metaeconomics at the Polish Economic Institute (