Polish Economic Institute at COP24

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Piotr Arak, director of the Polish Economic Institute, took part in the COP24 climate summit in Katowice.

The debate entitled “Business for the global good” focused on what representatives of different sectors can do to ensure clean air. The other speakers included Reinier Schlatmann, CEO of Philips in Central and Eastern Europe, and Karol Gobczyński, climate and energy manager at Ikea.

Arak pointed out that the Polish government has already presented the UN with its plans relating to the Sustainable Development Goals, but that any steps should be taken cautiously. Polish industry and the economy are burdened by the baggage of the communist era, which means that changes should be made differently to those in western countries. 

He added that the Polish Economic Institute’s staff have stopped using cars, choosing public transport and taxis instead.

“This is an innovative step in the context of public institutions in Poland. Ours might not be big, with 50 people, but it is our contribution to climate protection,” he emphasised.

For photos of the debate, see below:

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